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Carl Broadbent
Carl Broadbent

Carl Broadbent


United Kingdom


Stay focused. Don’t get distracted by things that will NOT move the needle in your business.”

published: March 19, 2022

The Interview

1. Where do you live?

United Kingdom

2. When did you start creating content?


3. Are you a full-time Creator?

Yes – for 1 Year

4. What was the “Click” that made you decide you can make full-time money online.

Losing a long-standing corporate job

5. How many niche sites have you created?


6. How many are you still running now?


7. Have you sold any sites or online businesses? And what was the ROI like?

4 – Over $100k profit

8. How many sites or online businesses have failed or not gotten going?


9. How much are you earning each month?

  • $10,001 – $50,000

10. What are your current streams of revenue?

  • Affiliate Sales
  • Display Ads

11. What are your Top 3 on-page SEO strategies?

1) Think like the reader.

2) Keep it simple.

3) Build a brand not a niche website.

12. What’s the biggest issue(s) that you’re facing today?

Indexing and a flood of new sites created by AI.

13. What tool(s) do you rely on the most?

  • WordPress
  • Gutenburg

14. What has been the biggest mistake you made?

Thinking I could rank for anything.

15. What has been the best decision you’ve made?

Getting started in the first place.

16. What’s one thing that you felt accelerated your journey the most?

Meeting people in real life and seeing that it is possible to make good money in this line of work

17. What’s your 12 month goal?

Launch my Affiliate Gathering Expo in May and also sell 2 bigger website… Buy a new house.

18. How do you stay up to date on the SEO, affiliate marketing, display ad, and other news?

Talk to fellow bloggers.

19. What do you eat or drink for fuel to keep going?

Cup of Tea

20. Where can people follow you?

YouTube and

BONUS: Anything else you’d like to share that can help others?

Stay focused. Don’t get distracted by things that will NOT move the needle in your business.

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