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Xiao Ming

Xiao Ming


Chengdu, China




Work Hard, Be Patient, and Never Give Up

published: August 27, 2022

The Interview

1. Where do you live?

Chengdu, China

2. When did you start creating content?

5 years ago

3. Are you a full-time Creator?

No. But I was a full time Creator for a few months and after that my friend was asking whether I wanted to go to their company, which is in the crypto industry. Their company offered very good amount of money, so I decided to have try a completely new industry to me.

4. What was the “Click” that made you decide you can make full-time money online?

The reason why I decided that niche sites is something I wanted to do was I don’t have to work from 9 to 5 and I also can work from everywhere, which provide me a lot of time to do what I want to do.

Another thing is my friend has been a full time creator for over 7 years and he has made over $50,000 a month (probably more). He has motivated me a lot and made me think that working on niches sites can still make pretty good money so I decided to put all my effort to niche sites.

5. How many niche sites or online businesses have you created?


6. How many are you still running now?


7. Have you sold any sites or online businesses? And what was the ROI like?

Yes, I sold a site last year. This site earned around $250 a month. The total earnings for this site were around $3500 (3 years) and the total expense was $6800 (3 years). In the end, I sold it for around 8000 dollars. After deducting the service fee, I only got 6400 dollars so it will be $3500+6400-6800 = 3100. So 3100 is my net profit

More detail about this is in my Youtube video.

8. How many sites or online businesses have failed or not gotten going?


9. How much are you earning each month?

  • $5,001 – $10,000

10. What are your current streams of revenue?

  • Affiliate Sales
  • Display Ads
  • Referrals

11. What are your Top 3 on-page SEO strategies?

  1. Keyword research to find low-competitive Keywords
  2. Use the Income School post recipe to write the articles
  3. Use a neat and fast theme

12. What’s the biggest issue(s) that you’re facing today?

  1. Finding good writers
  2. Some sites are hard to scale

13. What tool(s) do you rely on the most?

  1. Ahrefs is the best
  2. Keywords Everywhere
  3. Serprobot tracker

14. What has been the biggest mistake you made?

  1. Writing short Articles
  2. Do not link internal link properly
  3. Choose too competitive Keywords

15. What has been the best decision you’ve made?

  1. Write low competition keywords
  2. Increase your site’s overall authority and all your site’s ranking positions will increase

16. What’s one thing that you felt accelerated your journey the most?

Learned a lot of SEO skills from these youtube Chanel, Income School, Niche Safari, and Doug Cunnington at the middle of my journey.

17. What’s your 12 month goal?

Building one more site in the crypto niche and hope it can bring at least $1000 a month

18. How do you stay up to date on SEO, affiliate marketing, display ad, and other news?

Watch Youtube Channels and read other information from Black hat world, and  Other SEOs’ Tweet on Twitter

19. What do you eat or drink for fuel to keep going?

Coffee in the Morning and Beer at Night

20. Where can people follow you?

YouTube Channel:

BONUS: Anything else you’d like to share that can help others?

Work Hard, Be Patient, and Never Give Up

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