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Scott DeLong

Scott DeLong





1. Create amazing content
2. Realize it isn’t that amazing
3. Make it even better

published: September 24, 2022

The Interview

1. Where do you live?

I live in the mountains outside of Los Angeles. The only reason I’m still here is because of the weather. If I networked more, it would be beneficial to be a 25 minute drive into the city, but, for me, it means nothing as a content creator. I built more valuable sites in Ohio than I have here!

2. When did you start creating content?

I built one of the first sites for the video game Goldeneye (Nintendo 64). Shortly after, I built a site dedicated to WWF news and opinions. I was a senior in high school and ran a small operation of writers who just loved to talk about the WWF (now WWE). It wasn’t for money.

3. Are you a full-time Creator?

I’m technically retired but coming back into the game because I love it. I’ve only ever had one job since graduating college and that was for a web development company in 2005 that lasted 1.5 years. 

4. What was the “Click” that made you decide you can make full-time money online?

The click was definitely when I made my first dollar online. I started a Halo 2 website in 2004 and it was making around $1 a day. I made a few changes that I read about and it immediately went to $5 a day.

It was an eye opening moment that made me realize if I can make $1, I can make $5, and if I can make $5, I can make $50…. and so on. 

5. How many niche sites or online businesses have you created?

Oh god, I don’t know. Probably over 50. 

6. How many are you still running now?

Depending how you define “running,” I guess 3?

7. Have you sold any sites or online businesses? And what was the ROI like?

Yeah, several. I can’t name them all but I’ll name the main 3 (one without the actual name):
2012: Godvine for $4.2 million
2014: Viralnova for $3.6 million (75% of the company)
2015: Viralnova for $undisclosed million (my remaining 25%)
2019: a travel site for $2 million

Before 2012, I sold several sites for 6 figures. 

8. How many sites or online businesses have failed or not gotten going?

Many. I would say 15+. I have way more failures than successes from a quantity standpoint. 

9. How much are you earning each month?

  • $50,001 – $100,000

10. What are your current streams of revenue?

  • Display Ads
  • Investment income! 

11. What are your Top 3 on-page SEO strategies?

  1. Create amazing content
  2. Realize it isn’t that amazing
  3. Make it even better

12. What’s the biggest issue(s) that you’re facing today?

I have far too many good ideas. I wish I could replicate myself and become a billionaire.

13. What tool(s) do you rely on the most?

My brain. 

14. What has been the biggest mistake you made?

I don’t really believe in mistakes. We just constantly learn. 

15. What has been the best decision you’ve made?

I guess taking a liking to the Internet at a young age.

16. What’s one thing that you felt accelerated your journey the most?

An insatiable, obsessive need to not work a traditional job until I’m old, and then die. I would not be able to live in that reality. 

17. What’s your 12 month goal?

I’m currently working on my $20k-$500k Twitter challenge, so that’s taking up a lot of my time. Follow along the challenge by signing up for the newsletter.

I have two SaaS ideas I’m trying to figure out how to build at the same time. My 12 month goal is to be making $100k+ a month from my businesses (not counting investment income). 

18. How do you stay up to date on SEO, affiliate marketing, display ad, and other news?

I’ve found most of it is written by novices being paid to regurgitate what others have written. It’s actually quite poor. I stay up to date by keeping a loose eye on the latest trends and quadrupling down on “what do people actually WANT?” That’s all that matters in the end. 

19. What do you eat or drink for fuel to keep going?

I built my last business on mimosas, not going to lie. 

20. Where can people follow you?

My personal site is where I’ve written tens of thousands of words of what I consider good advice:

My Twitter is

BONUS: Anything else you’d like to share that can help others?

When everyone else is zigging, make sure you zag. Stay true to the basic principles and, please, do not buy any courses. Everything you need to know is freely available. 

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